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Winner of the Best Natural Organic Range Beauty Award in the Sunday Independent in March 2008.

Lavera is a German range of over 300 Natural and Organic skincare and cosmetic products for women, men and children.

Established over 20 years by Thomas Haase, because of his need to find beneficial skin and body care products that he could use over his extra sensitive skin, Lavera is today, the leading certified natural organic brand in Germany and fast becoming a top international brand with the Lavera products now available in over 40 countries world-wide.

Only available in Ireland for the last 2 years, Lavera is Ireland’s fastest growing range of natural/organic skincare with Irish women, men and children loving the exceptional quality and effectiveness of the formulations, affordable prices and delicious fragrances. A top favourite with many of Ireland’s leading beauty journalists, media presenters and make up artists this range gives the best natural and organic choice to those looking to switch from chemically derived cosmetics and to purer healthier 100% natural/organic products. With over 300 products within the range there is a vast choice to suit all skin and individual needs, whether allergic sensitive, normal, young and old.

The Lavera range is certified by the BDIH which is an independent German body that governs the production of natural cosmetics. With the strictest guidelines possible, Lavera products must:

  • Contain only plant based natural ingredients, using organic as first choice
  • Contain no chemicals
  • Contain no SLS, Parabens, PEG’s, Synthetic fragrances or ingredients
  • Never be tested on animals
  • Recyclable

Lavera Product Range

Lavera BodySPA

A dedicated range of body lotions, shower bath gels, bath sea salts, body and bath oils, deodorant roll-ons and sprays and eau de toilette perfumes.

Lavera Faces

A face skin care range by skin type: Dry Mature, Combination, Sensitive & Delicate, and Spot prone or Acne skin.

Lavera Hair

7 Shampoos by hair type: greasy, dry, sensitive scalp, volumising for fine hair, dandruff, coloured hair, normal. Conditioners and hair treatments. there is also an excellent hair styling range with a hair spray, mousse and gel.

Lavera Trend Make up

A complete range of foundations, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye pencils and eye shadows, face powders, bronzer and rouge.

Lavera Neutral

A dedicated range of products for hair face and body for those suffering from allergies such as excema, psoriasis, rosacea and neurodermatitis.

Lavera Neutral Baby

A full care range of skin hair bath and body products for babies and children with allergies or extremely sensitive skin.

Lavera Basis

A value range for all the family of hair, face and body care products.

Lavera Sun Sensitiv

A full selection of Sun protection products from SPF 15 to 40. After Sun and Self Tanning Lotions.

Lavera MenCare

A full range of Mens products for Face, shaving, showering and deodorants.

Lavera Lips

A range of 9 lip balms for flavour, shimmer, and repair and care.

Irish customers of Lavera are loving the products because they really do work, are a great price and smell devine. All regimes for use are simple and easy to follow. Select your products on the basis of your skin type and hair type. The Lavera Trend Make Up range gives excellent mineral based products to give you a healthy natural glow. Try out all the BodySPA aromas in the body lotions and pick your favourites to suit you mood and how you want to feel. Never go out in the sun without a suitable SPF and in particular make sure children are protected to with spf 20 and over.

Always choose a Lavera natural organic product for any of your own needs and avoid the chemicals! Be Healthier and happier in your skin.

Best Sellers

Self Tanning Lotion

Excellent natural colour without the smell! Useful tip, always apply a BodySPA body lotion first, this will moisturise the dry areas and prevent streaks. Take your time blending in the Self Tanning Lotion well. Lasts 4-5 days. Winner of Image Beauty Award.

Lavera Mango Milk Hair

Excellent Shampoos and Conditioners. Mango for coloured hair protects colour from fading. Winner of Image Beauty Award

Lavera Faces Wild Rose range

Skincare range for Dry skin. Excellent moisturising and skin cell renewal with Rose Oils because of the very similar PH level as human skin. As regularily featured on TV3 with Laura Bermingham.

Lavera BodySpa Deodorant Spray and Roll-ons

Excellent neutralising of any body odours. Gorgeous fragrances that keep you fresh all day. As featured and recommended by Triona McCarthy from Sunday Independent.

Lavera Basis Lip Balm

Long stay lip balm that leaves lips naturally soft and moisturised.

Lavera Faces Mint Blemish Stick

A medicated spot treatment with a great all round concealer. Allows the skin to breath and heal, while covering up blemishes and redness. A big hit with teenagers and adults alike. Used by make up artists too.

Lavera Sun Sensitiv Hawaii SPF 20

A gorgeous smelling Sun Spray lotion that gives immediate protection from UV-A, B and C sunburning rays and provides the skin with essential moisture in the sun. Titanium Dioxide is the key ingredient and is a white mineral. Tip for use: always use a Lavera BodySPA moisturiser then blend in the Hawaii Sunspray well and carefully to fade in to the skin without leaving a white residue. Apply regularily and after swimming. Waterproof.

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