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Cold & Flu – Ask A Pharmacist with Anne Smyth

Life Pharmacy’s Anne Smyth answers some of the most commonly asked questions about cold & flu – featured in the Irish Independent’s ‘Mother & babies’ supplement 5 December 2018. Why are a cold and flu so prevalent in winter? It’s a time of year when our immune systems need to be at its best. My advice is to be... Read more >

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World Diabetes Day – Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

November 14th is World Diabetes Day, which aims to draw attention to the condition that is becoming increasingly prevalent in both young and old generations. To support this cause, selected Life Pharmacies are offering FREE Diabetes Care & Blood Glucose Screening to Life Loyalty customers when they swipe their loyalty cards from November 14th to 21st. What is Diabetes?... Read more >

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Men’s Health – Ask a Pharmacist with Vincent Dempsey

Life Pharmacy’s Vincent Dempsey tackles some commonly asked questions about men’s health – featured in the Irish Independent’s ‘Mother & babies’ supplement 7 November 2018. Movember is upon us once again, which signals the time to put down your razor. But what most people see as a great excuse not to shave is actually a really important movement... Read more >

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Articles in Sleep paralysis

NHS Choices - Introduction


Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you are waking up or, less commonly, falling asleep.

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NHS Choices - Symptoms of sleep paralysis


The main symptom of sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or talk.

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NHS Choices - Causes of sleep paralysis


Sleep paralysis is caused when hormones produced by the body to help you sleep don't wear off as soon you wake up.

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NHS Choices - Treating sleep paralysis


Ensuring you get enough sleep and improving your sleeping environment will help if you have sleep paralysis. In severe cases, medication may be recommended.

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NHS Choices - "I had a feeling of immense panic"


Gareth Fletcher regularly had sleep paralysis when he was a teenager. Although it has virtually stopped, he still experiences it very occasionally.

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