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Get Active in 2019: Tips to achieve your New Year’s fitness goals

Getting more active is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions made every January, as thousands look to spark a positive change in their well being and shed their holiday pounds. Gyms around the country reach their peak capacity as members new and old arrive full of motivation and ambition, yet many find it... Read more >

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Wheezing or Sneezing? Ask A Pharmacist with Jane Brennan

Jane Brennan of Life Pharmacy Donabate answers some of the most commonly asked questions about cold & flu. Why are a cold and flu so prevalent in winter? Flu and the common cold circulate more at this time of year especially in areas with larger groups, for example in workplaces and schools. It’s not too late to get... Read more >

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Cold & Flu – Ask A Pharmacist with Anne Smyth

Life Pharmacy’s Anne Smyth answers some of the most commonly asked questions about cold & flu – featured in the Irish Independent’s ‘Mother & babies’ supplement 5 December 2018. Why are a cold and flu so prevalent in winter? It’s a time of year when our immune systems need to be at its best. My advice is to be... Read more >

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NHS Choices - Introduction


Sprains and strains are very common injuries that affect muscles and ligaments.

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NHS Choices - Causes of sprains and strains


The main causes of sprains and strains are sporting activities or accidents that involve a fall or a collision.

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NHS Choices - Diagnosing sprains and strains


When diagnosing a strain or sprain, your doctor will ask how you injured yourself and will perform a physical examination. In severe cases, an X-ray may be needed.

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NHS Choices - Treating sprains and strains


Most mild to moderate sprains and strains can often be treated at home using self-care techniques. Painkillers can also be used to ease pain.

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NHS Choices - Preventing sprains and strains


There are several ways you can help prevent sprains and strains, such as warming up properly before exercising and wearing suitable footwear.

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