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Blood Pressure: Know The Facts

Blood pressure is one of the most widespread topics of discussion among medical professionals today. We at Life Pharmacy would like our patients to know the facts about blood pressure, as maintaining a healthy blood pressure can be key to maintaining a healthy life.  So what is blood pressure? Blood pressure can be defined as… Read more >

Holiday Blog

5 Healthcare Essentials for Summer Travellers

Now that summer has arrived, Irish people are jetting off around the world, spending their well-deserved holiday time abroad. In a recent study by, it was found that the most popular holiday destinations for Irish people range from London to New York City to the Costa del Sol. Others opt to spend their holidays… Read more >


Staying Sun Safe

The summer is well underway and its time to talk about sun care. With the recent spell of beautiful weather in Ireland, now is the time to educate ourselves on the dangers associated with the sun exposure. What are the risks of unprotected sun exposure? Firstly, sun care is essential in the prevention of burns…. Read more >


How to stay healthy during exam time

It’s the final countdown – after weeks of cramming, sleepless nights and excessive highlighting, exam time is just around the corner. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult at the best of times, so we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for healthy living while sitting exams. Step 1: Get Organised Preparing for state exams can… Read more >


Tackling Hay fever

After a long winter, the approach of summer is usually welcomed with opened arms. But with sprouting daffodils and warmer nights, pollen and spores in the air rise and this can cause a lot of discomfort to those who suffer from hay fever. Hay fever is a common type of allergic reaction estimated to affect… Read more >


De-Clutter Your Beauty Bag

It’s the ultimate beauty sin that we’re all guilty of – an overflowing beauty bag with products we have never used, or never need. Cut out bad habits and rework your cosmetic collection with our top 5 tips to de-clutter your beauty bag. 1. Can’t remember when you bought it? Get rid. We’re oh-so-familiar with… Read more >


Baby’s First Bath

It’s an exciting time when a new-born baby arrives, but bath time can be daunting. Here’s a go-to guide to tackling your baby’s first bath. Bath time with your baby is a great way to bond and it will soon become the highlight of your day. Your soft touch will make your little one feel… Read more >


Get Active This Summer

With the bright evenings finally making an appearance, it’s now the perfect time of year to get active and improve your wellbeing. Whether you want to take a short walk on the coast or go to a local fitness class, a small amount of daily exercise can greatly improve health. Read our guide to getting… Read more >


Top 5 Tips – Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

Top 5 Tips – Cleaning your Makeup Brushes While cleaning our makeup brushes is a necessary task; it is often one that gets overlooked, especially when we wear makeup every day and can’t imagine forfeiting it for a day to let the brushes dry! So why clean your brushes routinely? Make up brushes gather a… Read more >


Sunscreen V's Foundation

One thing I have always battled with in the summer months is how I can protect my skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst still going out with a full face of makeup on! It’s certainly not the most attractive look when half of your makeup is sliding off you face and caking when… Read more >