NEW Life Pharmacy

Our latest addition to the Life Pharmacy Family. Check out photos of Reilly’s Pharmacy, Clondalkin from day’s gone by & it’s brand new makeover. There will be a new Life Pharmacy coming to a community new you very soon. Read more>>

The Wedding Day Survival Kit

Every bride spends months, if not years planning their special day. From the dress, to the cake, right down to the tiny little details in the room. Everything is planned to within an inch of your life. Army majors have nothing on the planning skills of a determined bride. However, even though a bride plans… Read more >

False Tan Heaven on a girlie night out

I was really excited about trying out Tan Organics because I had heard so much about it recently. I hate fuss and am the laziest tanner in the world so when I used tan organics the formula is moisturising and develops with no unpleasant smell over 6-8 hours to give a beautiful natural tan that lasts… Read more >

Sue Who ????….

I don’t think I would be far wrong if I said there isn’t many people that will not have heard of Suzanne Jackson aka SoSueMe….    This girl really has taken Ireland by storm in regards to her Blogging site and her abundance of information on fashion trends and beauty finds over the last… Read more >

Flu Vaccination

As we move into Autumn the weather becomes colder and we will be swapping our evenings outdoors for evenings by the fire. Unfortunately this means the onset of our flu season is not far away and there will be a substantial increase in the number of people catching colds or other viruses. The cold and… Read more >