Baby’s First Bath

It’s an exciting time when a new-born baby arrives, but bath time can be daunting. Here’s a go-to guide to tackling your baby’s first bath.

Bath time with your baby is a great way to bond and it will soon become the highlight of your day. Your soft touch will make your little one feel loved while the warm water can be the perfect downtime for you and your baby after a hectic day.

For the first few weeks, it’s best to give your baby a gentle sponge bath with a warm wash cloth. Once the umbilical cord When choosing products, a gentle cleanser formulated for baby’s delicate skin should be used. shutterstock_341309876

The kitchen sink can be a great place to start. You will quickly learn what works best for you and your little one- some babies find warm water soothing, while some will cry as soon as they dip their little toes. It’s important to remember that each baby is different and what works for others, may not work for you.

Supporting your baby can be the trickiest part of the bathing process. Always use one arm to support your baby’s head, neck and back while using the other hand to bath them. This can be overwhelming, but stay calm and keep a good grip on your baby. Bath’s don’t need to take a huge amount of time, be mindful of cooling water and always keep your baby warm.

When you’ve washed your baby, take a minute or two to allow them to enjoy the warm water. You can keep them warm by gently pouring small cups of water over their body. Avoid running water directly into their bath, as this can change temperature and may get too hot or cold.

Once bath time is over, be sure to pat dry your baby well with a soft towel, particularly in their creases to avoid any skin irritation. It gets easier each time!

Bath time can be daunting, but our Life Pharmacist are always on hand for baby advice, whatever the query! Always make sure to keep a grip on your baby and never leave a baby unattended around water.