De-Clutter Your Beauty Bag

It’s the ultimate beauty sin that we’re all guilty of – an overflowing beauty bag with products we have never used, or never need. Cut out bad habits and rework your cosmetic collection with our top 5 tips to de-clutter your beauty bag.


1. Can’t remember when you bought it? Get rid.

We’re oh-so-familiar with expiration dates when it comes to food, but when it comes to our face it’s a totally different story. Cosmetic products all have an expiration date but we all probably own that year old mascara or makeup brush. If you can’t remember when you bought it, chances are it’s too old to be in your makeup bag.

2. Use a small cosmetics bag

It’s much easier to justify crazy amounts of beauty products when your beauty bag is the size of a small warehouse. Cut it back and invest in a smaller, more compact cosmetics bag which can just fit your essentials.

3. Everything in moderation

Do you really need the seven nude lipsticks that you currently have in your beauty bag? Ditch them and keep just your favourite shade in each colour. By doing this, you cut back on a number of cosmetics you carry around and make it easier to decide what to wear and when.

4. Multipurpose is a must-have

Gone are the days when we have 6 individual eye shadows thrown in our makeup bag. Multipurpose cosmetic palettes are the new go-to beauty product making it easier to have lots of different shades, in the one product and saving on storage!

5. Look for miniatures

Mini products are right on trend and the perfect way to save space in your makeup bag. Whether it’s a mini fragrance bottle or mini mascara, they’re a great way to ensure you’re maximising your makeup regime without contributing to clutter.

Be sure to keep on top of your beauty bag regularly and bin the products that have expired to avoid any infections. Call into your local Life Pharmacy to see our wide range of cosmetics available in store!

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