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5 Healthcare Essentials for Summer Travellers

Now that summer has arrived, Irish people are jetting off around the world, spending their well-deserved holiday time abroad. In a recent study by, it was found that the most popular holiday destinations for Irish people range from London to New York City to the Costa del Sol. Others opt to spend their holidays backpacking across South East Asia or hiking in Northern Spain.

No matter where you travel, spare a thought for your health, as it may make or break your trip. A healthy traveller is the key to an enjoyable holiday. We at Life Pharmacy are on hand to provide you with a range of products and advice that will prepare you for any healthcare mishap faced while abroad. By taking into consideration our 5 healthcare essentials for summer travellers, you will be ready for anything that vacationing abroad may throw at you.

Life’s 5 Healthcare Essentials for Summer Travellers:

Immune System Boosters: While travelling this summer it is important to give your immune system a boost to overcome fatigue, jet lag and travel sickness. Taking Proven Probiotic for Travellers will boost your immune system, in turn preventing these ailments. Proven Probiotic contains healthy bacteria that will defend your immune system against foreign bugs, food and water. If concerned about the effects of diet changes on the immune system, take multivitamins daily and adhere to regular mealtimes. To keep your energy levels up while travelling and to avoid motion sickness take B-vitamin complexes and ginger, respectively.
Insect Protection: If you are travelling to warm and humid regions this summer, especially those that are high risk for tropical diseases, it is imperative that you are protected from the insects that transmit disease. To obtain more information on disease hotspots and pre-travel vaccinations please contact the Tropical Medical Bureau. Some detrimental infectious viruses seen worldwide include malaria and zika, both of which are transmitted by mosquitos. To prevent yourself from the risk of mosquito and insect bites we recommend using insect repellent. If bitten, bite cream should be administered to soothe bite marks and reduce swelling. For more information on insect repellent and bite cream please visit your local Life Pharmacy.

Emergency First Aid: It is extremely important to pack first aid supplies while travelling abroad. First aid kits can provide essential assistance in any emergency situation. If you receive a cut on the beach in Spain or blisters while backpacking in Thailand, your first aid kit will provide the items necessary for frontline treatment. Your first aid kit should contain items such as, plasters, dressings, antiseptic wipes, splints and adhesive tape. Remember to pack tweezers and scissors in your checked baggage. For more information on personal first aid kits, please speak with your local Life Pharmacist.

Magical Meds: At Life, we believe that there is a list of crucial medications that one must bring with them while travelling abroad. The list includes antidiarrheal, antihistamine, mild laxative, pain killer and anti-inflammatory tablets, along with Dioralyte™. Antidiarrheal and mild laxative tablets are essential for any indigestion predicament that you may find yourself in. Antihistamines will provide assistance in the event of an allergy related problem, whereas pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications will provide relief from pain and swelling. Antihistamines are also effective in the treatment of motion sickness. Dioralyte™ is essential as it will save you from the effects of a long night out or dehydration, induced by prolonged sun exposure. Most of the medications listed can be obtained over the counter, at your local Life Pharmacy.

Sun Safety: No matter where you end up this summer, always remember to stay safe in the sun. Wearing sunscreen is necessary for the fight against sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing. Life Pharmacy has an array of sunscreen and after sun creams that best fit the needs of all travellers. Preventing sunburn is important if you wish to enjoy your vacation. Travellers are advised to wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses, while avoiding direct sunlight, between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm. For more information regarding sun safety while abroad, take a look at this recent Life blog post.
Always prepare while travelling abroad, especially if you are visiting an unfamiliar destination. Stop by your local Life Pharmacy if you have any queries regarding your personal healthcare while travelling.