Are you at risk of contracting COVID-19? The MedBot consultation is a tool which assesses a persons risk of contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and provides recommendations on actions to take. The questions, analysis and results are based on the Health Service Executive (HSE), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on COVID-19.

This online web-based consultation assessment has been recognised by patients and medical professional as a valuable resource providing reassurance and factual, clinically appropriate information.

Free to use, the COVID MedBot provides personalised risk assessment and guidelines, in line with the HSE recommendations and leveraging advice from the WHO and CDC, regarding the COVID-19 virus. The COVIDMedBot is dynamically updated based on an individual’s specific responses. The risk assessment can be repeated as many times as a user wants, facilitating sequential consults, which is critical in the rapidly evolving clinical situation.

Employers and employees who are anxious about the potential impact of the virus on their health can also use the COVIDMedBot to find out more about what help is available and the recommended next steps. The COVID MedBot allows patients to gauge their personal risk, and crucially, what actions they can take based on their individualized risk assessment.