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Head Lice – Help

Every parent’s heart sinks when they receive the dreaded note from school warning about head lice. Don’t worry – Jane Brennan from Brennan’s Life Pharmacy in Donabate is here to to give us advice and tips.

The first thing to do is to check the child’s head. You will need some tea tree conditioner, a tail comb, a hair clamp if the hair is long, a warm glass of water and a fine metal comb. Wet or wash the hair and towel dry.

Apply a thin coating of conditioner all over the hair and comb through. Start behind one ear, parting the hair in tiny amounts using the tail comb. Fine comb down the hair with the fine metal comb, starting right in at the scalp. Rinse the fine comb in the warm water and check to see if there are any small specks, which could be baby lice, or larger adult lice, which are about 2mm long.

Work your way all over the head systematically. Use the clamp to keep long hair out of the way. If you do find lice, then you should treat for them. Here at Life Pharmacy, we can advise you on the most suitable product. Usually, you should treat once a week, fine combing each day, until there are no more lice. This normally means two treatments.

Head Lice Tips:

An adult louse will spread from one head to another, climb up to the scalp and start laying eggs. The best preventions are to keep the hair short or up in a tight plait and to routinely fine comb once a week as described above. Avoid head to head contact with other children.

Signs of infection can include eggs (nits) seen on the hair, itchy scalp or back of the neck.