Mustela Multisensory Bubblebath 200M

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Mustela Baby Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath is a foaming gel ideal for the baby and child's delicate skin and hair, and which may be used from birth on. This product helps to strengthen the baby's skin barrier to the presence of avocado perseose, a patented ingredient of natural origin, as well as cornflower extract and marine trace elements. When diluted in the bath water, this gel creates a soft and gentle blue foam with a delicate fragrance, which stimulates the baby and encourages amusement and relaxation in the bath. The baby's skin and hair emerge soft and perfumed.

Active Ingredients
Avocado perseose is a patented, biomimetic natural active ingredient that hydrates and helps the development of the baby's fragile and immature skin barrier;
Natural cornflower extract softens the skin;
Marine trace elements help maintain the skin's water balance;
Mild surfactants gently cleanse while preserving the skin from dryness.

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Pour Mustela Baby Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath into the hands, then dilute in the baby or child's bath water. Rinse off with care.