Proven Probiotic Fit For School 28 Pack

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This probiotic supplement has been specially designed for children aged 12 months up to 16 years. Each 1.5g sachet provides 12.5 billion of the unique Lab4 Acidophilus and Bifidus friendly bacteria along with vitamin C and vitamin D3 to help maintain a child's immune function and support bone growth and development. Also contains prebiotic soluble fibre to provide fuel for the growth of the friendly bacteria. Can be sprinkled on food, cereal, yoghurt, or mixed into a cold drink. Suitable for vegetarians and free from gluten, dairy, colours, flavours, preservatives and sweetners.

When children took ProVen Fit for School daily for six months during school term time, absenteeism was reduced by 30%. (Garaiova et al 2014 European Journal of Ckinical Nutrition).

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