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Salin Plus Salt Therapy

Salin Plus Salt Therapy 

The Salin® Plus air purifier is a small device, about the size of a kettle, that is plugged in each night and left on while you sleep.

By gently dispersing microparticles of salt rich in trace elements into the atmosphere, salt therapy can help to open the airways, clear excess mucus and reduce inflammation. Inhaled whilst you sleep. The Salin® Plus Salt Therapy may ease symptoms associated with various respiratory problems.

Suitable for all age groups – Drug free treatment

Salin® Plus natural salt therapy and is suitable for all age groups and is drug free. The Salin® Plus Air Purifier can be used in conjunction with existing medical treatment and not as a standalone therapy.

Works while you sleep – no masks or tubes

Using the Salin® Plus Air Purifier is very easy to use; you just plug in the small machine and leave it on while you sleep.  This unique process ensures consistent availability of sodium chloride particles for the recommended therapeutic period of up to 8 hours so you will get the maximum benefit from gentle and consistent inhalation whilst you sleep at night.

For best results change the Salin® Plus Filter regularly

For best results you should change the filter of the Salin® Plus Air Purifier every 4-6 months or it will not work as intended.

Keep a note of the date you change the filter either on your phone as a reminder – or put a sticker on the bottom of the Salin Plus air purifier with the date the filter was changed  

A great complement to medication

 Salin® Plus advise that you should never go off your medication without speaking to your doctor. However, they consider the Salin® Plus Air Purifier as a great complement to medication.