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For the independent pharmacist, life is the consumer brand.

With the best purchasing, best systems, best marketing, life is the brand to accelerate your business.


  • Minimal Cost of Membership
  • Group Buying Power
  • National Marketing strategy
  • Top End IT Business Intelligence - Value to your bottom line!
  • National Marketing Fund
  • Rapidly Growing - over 1 pharmacy a week since launch
  • Low cost of Re-Branding
  • Monthly Promotions and Window Signage
  • Exclusive Staff Training
  • Members Share Ownership of life Symbol Group

Pharmacy led – Uniphar supported

In April 2014 Uniphar “reset the clock” with life pharmacy, changing the business model, to provide the most valuable pharmacy branding group available to independent community pharmacy today. For a start the symbol group is now 50% owned by the members, including all of the intellectual property and knowledge gained over the last 6 years.</p><p>There is a new board of management, where the pharmacist members influence and dictate the direction of the brand development – it is their brand now. The costs of membership are minimal, with 100% of the paid membership fees being spent on supplying services to the members. The group is now 60+ Pharmacies strong and continues grow rapidly.

Uniphar are supplying the members with the central management resources, for the newly enlarged symbol group, provided marketing, operations and central purchasing, all that is asked in return is that the member’s wholesale business is placed via Uniphar.

Uniphar is utilising its significant investment in IT to deliver symbol group members central IT systems and business intelligence systems, linked to each pharmacy’s system, to provide cutting edge reporting and management information to all the members. This will allow members to understand where they can improve profitability, as well as benchmark themselves against other symbol group member’s and other pharmacy groups. Typical savings in the first full year to an average pharmacy which acts on the recommendations provided will add five-figure sum to the bottom line! Not bad when you remember that Uniphar is providing these systems at no cost, to the members of life pharmacy.

Building Consumer Awareness
There is another significant investment commitment that Uniphar has made to the members of life pharmacy, which is to contribute a substantial six-figure sum every year, into the members national marketing fund, topping up the members own contributions. This substantial marketing fund enables the life members to purchase national scale advertising campaigns month after month, year after year, driving brand awareness and footfall into the pharmacies. (see example of national TV campaigns above)

The complete solution to thrive

The “new” life pharmacy symbol group, provides the ultimate solution for independent community pharmacy: low costs, proven branding, best group purchasing, leading national advertising campaigns, cutting-edge IT systems backed by massive ongoing financial and management support from Uniphar. Little wonder that so many independent pharmacists are joining the symbol group – should you consider taking advantage of the opportunity too?