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Are You SunSmart?

We ask Jane Brennan from Brennan’s Life Pharmacy Donabate how to make the most of great sunny summer days whilst protecting our skin from harmful rays. Jane says “The Irish Cancer Society SunSmart program has great guidelines to keep us safe. See below for some useful tips and advice”

Ways to protect your skin:

Shade – stay in the shade when the sun is strongest from midday to 3pm

Clothing and sunglasses – keep skin covered with clothing that doesn’t allow the sunlight through, wear a hat with a brim and wraparound sunglasses with UV protection

Sunscreen - use a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and apply generously at least every two hours.
UVA, UVB – think UVA for aging and UVB for burning and remember that UVA light can penetrate windows so remember to apply sunscreen if you spend long periods in your car.

Children – special care should be taken with our most precious bundles of joy and it is recommended that under twos should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Medication – patients taking certain medications or who suffer from certain conditions may need to be extra cautious in sunlight and should speak with their pharmacist or doctor for specialised advice

Sports players and Outdoor workers – people who are regularly outdoors for prolonged periods should pay particular attention to the backs of the neck and the tops of the ears. These areas are often forgotten during sunscreen application but are particularly prone to burning
We would be delighted to see you at Brennan’s Life Pharmacy where we can offer advice on being SunSmart and we can recommend the sunscreen that is most suited to your needs.

We have an excellent choice available and can offer a product to suit all skin types and budgets, so you and your loved ones can get out there and enjoy whatever sunny days the Irish summer brings!