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Pollen Highs & Watery Eyes

Pollen Highs & Watery Eyes…

Talk to Jane Brennan, your Hay Fever Expert in Donabate

  • Are your eyes itchy, red or watery?
  • Is your throat scratchy?
  • Are you sneezing?
  • Do you have itchy ears, nose or mouth?
  • Do you have a blocked or runny nose?
  • Do you wake up feeling exhausted?

Hay fever can cause all of these symptoms and more, and is estimated to strike one in every five people. You are more likely to experience hay fever if you have a family history of allergies, especially asthma or eczema.

Did you know that hay fever can strike at any age from early childhood onwards? Everyone experiences hay fever differently. T

hat’s why it’s important that we tailor a treatment just for you, based around your symptoms and your lifestyle.

If you are a regular sufferer, then early action ahead of symptoms is essential.

Call in to us in Brennan’s Life Pharmacy, Donabate, where we can help.

Treatments can be a combination of options including antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops and decongestants. It’s important to consult our trained staff to ensure that the choice of treatment is safe and effective for you.

We can also advise you on some handy tips to reduce your symptoms- like lining your nostrils with Vaseline to prevent pollen irritating your nasal passages, or when going out, choosing the beach rather than the park to reduce your exposure to pollen, because onshore breezes reduce the pollen in the air. Change your clothes and take a shower after you have been outdoors to remove the pollen on your body. Take a shower at night to avoid breathing in pollen on your hair or body overnight.

Don’t let hay fever ruin your summer! Pop in to us in Brennan’s Life Pharmacy for help and advice to allow you make the most of these long summer days.