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Ultra-high levels of scientifically studied Lab4 acidophilus & bifidus for shorter period usage Healthy bacteria and a balanced microflora are important throughout life and the stresses of our modern lifestyles may affect the normal microflora balance in the intestine.

This can be particularly important whilst taking antibiotics and other medications, which may affect the balance of the microflora. Antibiotics are designed to kill the pathogenic bacteria causing illness in the body, but they do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria and can lead to an imbalanced gut flora (known as dysbiosis) as the gut is cleared of all resident bacteria and the bad guys have an opportunity to increase their numbers.

Whilst probiotic foods might help to support the gut whilst taking antibiotics, the Lab4 group of live bacteria has been shown in clinical research to help maintain levels of friendly bacteria in the gut.

Super-strength friendly bacteria ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus - 50 Billion, contains ultra-high levels of Lab4, the most comprehensively studied group of friendly bacteria (probiotics) of any product in the UK. These studies, conducted in Cambridge, Sheffield, Swansea, Southampton and Cardiff ,have confirmed that the Lab4 group of bacteria provides real benefits in supporting digestive and immune health, particularly during and after antibiotic use and for those suffering from IBS. ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus & Bifidus - 50 Billion is intended for shorter-term use when a more intensive period of supplementation is necessary, such as alongside the use of antibiotics or digestive upset.

Key features:

  • Ultra-high strength.
  • Scientifically studied Lab4 friendly bacteria.
  • For shorter period usage.
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