Spotlight was created by Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven out of a passion for wanting to make people feel confident about smiling. Each product is carefully formulated to ensure it is both safe and effective. With an in-depth knowledge into the science of whitening, the two Irish sisters carefully designed a new formula that offers a safe, effective and simple-to-use system that contains the same active ingredients used in clinical dental practice every day. 

The formula includes a small amount of peroxide (less than 0.01%) to ensure effective results. Hydrogen peroxide is the only clinically proven ingredient to whiten teeth. This, along with their super-seal strip technology ensures for a seamless and safe whitening experience that can be used safely in the comfort of your own home.

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  1. spotlight-male-whitening-strip 20% SALE
    Spotlight Male Whitening Strip
    Special Price €31.96 Regular Price €39.95
  2. spotlight-teeth-whitening-strips 10% SALE
    Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips
    Special Price €35.96 Regular Price €39.95
  3. spotlight-whitening-pen 10% SALE
    Spotlight Whitening Pen
    Special Price €13.49 Regular Price €14.99
  4. spotlight-whitening-toothpaste-125ml 10% SALE
    Spotlight Whitening Toothpaste 100Ml
    Special Price €8.55 Regular Price €9.50
  5. spotlight-white-teeth-mouthwash-500ml 10% SALE
    Spotlight White Teeth Mouthwash 500Ml
    Special Price €11.69 Regular Price €12.99
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  6. spotlight-rebuilding-toothpaste-100ml 10% SALE
    Spotlight Rebuilding Toothpaste 100ml
    Special Price €7.19 Regular Price €7.99
  7. spotlight-toothpaste-for-gum-health 10% SALE
    Spotlight Toothpaste for Gum Health
    Special Price €7.16 Regular Price €7.95
  8. spotlight-toothpaste-for-sensitive-teeth 10% SALE
    Spotlight Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth
    Special Price €8.78 Regular Price €9.75
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