Do you know the eight warning signs of breast cancer to look out for?

Five minutes that could save your life!

“Would you like to know the eight warning signs of breast cancer to look out for?” asks Jane Brennan of Brennan’s Life Pharmacy.

We are all a bit shy of talking about breasts, but a five minute chat with any of our team here in Life Pharmacy Donabate will assist you in knowing how to do a simple breast check. It takes just five minutes, and Breast Cancer Ireland recommends that we all check ourselves regularly.

Breast cancer is no discriminator, and can occur in women of any age, and in men too!

- 1 in 9 women will develop breast cancer in the course of their lifetime
- Incidence of male breast cancer is 1 in 1000
- We have 2890 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed each year
- 30% of women are diagnosed between 20-50 years
- 34% of women are diagnosed between 50-65 years
- 36% of women are diagnosed over the age of 65 years
- Only 5% of breast cancer cases are hereditary

We will be running our very popular “Meet the Girls” day here in Brennan’s Life Pharmacy on Wednesday 10th April, where Adrienne from Breast Cancer Ireland, and our own Ger Collins, Breast Cancer Ambassador and survivor will be in store from 10am to noon for a chat, a cup of coffee, and of course, knowing our Ger, a good laugh!

Adrienne will bring a special teaching mannequin which has the eight types of lumps and bumps to watch out for. It’s a fabulous opportunity to learn about the danger signs.

Don’t miss this great, relaxed, fun filled morning. Come along and bring a friend. It could save her life!